Providing Data Communication & Smart Meter Solutions to the Smart Energy Sector

SmartPear provides a DCC Adapter service for users who need to communicate with GB Smart Meters and DCC Services through the DCC.

Any organisation with a requirement to operate in the GB Smart Energy market must be able to connect to the infrastructure delivered by the Data Communications Company (DCC). This requires both significant time, capital investment, and the sourcing of specific expertise, which can prove a challenging barrier to entry for many organisations.

Smart Pear solutions allow non-DCC Users such as Other Users, MAPs, MOPs and Device Manufacturers the ability to communicate with the DCC, Smart Metering Key Infrastructure and Smart Meters across a range of different services from obtaining Device Certificates through to obtaining DCC and Device data. You, as our customer, do not need to worry about becoming a DCC User for these services.

Smart Pear also provides a cost effective managed DCC Adapter solution for DCC Users such as Import Suppliers, Export Suppliers, Network Operators, and Registered Supplier Agents allowing you to effortlessly communicate with the DCC and with Devices operated through the DCC and fulfil your energy licence and regulatory requirements under the Smart Energy Code (SEC).

Smart Pear is an authorised DCC Other User in its own right, is a SEC Party Member, is GDPR compliant and is assured under the Smart Energy Code by the independent security assessor (User CIO).

Our Services

Smart Pear provide a number of innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ services that can either integrate with your own IT Systems, or be accessed via our dedicated Client Web User Interface.

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Smart Pear DCC Adapter (SPA)

Smart Pear DCC Adapter

SMKI Device Certificate Services (DCS) & Device Pre-Notification Service (DPNS)

SMKI Device Certificate Service (DCS) and Device Pren-Notification Service

DCC and Device Data Service (DDS)

DCC and Device Data Service (DDS)

Export Supplier Services (ESS)

Export Supplier Services (ESS)

Consumer Access Device Services (CADS)

Consumer Access Device Services (SPCADS)

Why use Smart Pear?

Smart Pear lowers the barrier to entry to GB Smart Metering for customers by:

ISO 27001 Certified

The Markets

Smart Pear can offer solutions to many areas within the fast emerging Smart Home and Smart Metering Markets.

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